When sending files over the Internet, you traditionally use e-mail attachments. But e-mail services are quite scarce due to small file size, .exe file rejection, poor data protection, data loss, limited number of recipients, and more. eBox offers you the cure for these common headaches!

The eBox tool provides you with a simple yet powerful solution for sending large files.

eBox desktop client (recommended)
Make use of multiple files upload, unlimited upload size, CRC verification, data compression, network issues handling, high download speed, and more.
eBox Installer (requires admin privileges) Download
eBox Application Only Download

Also, you can download eBox Installer for Mac.

eBox web site
Make use of cross-platform and easy to start web solution. The web version has such restrictions as limited file size, no data compression and CRC verification options. The eBox web application supports all popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8/9, Mozilla Firefox 4 and later, Google Chrome 11 and later.

eBox MS Outlook add-in
Make use of sending large attachments via MS Outlook using the eBox MS Outlook add-in. You can use the eBox add-in for MS Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.
eBox for Outlook (requires admin privileges) Download
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